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      I always smiled because it kept people from worrying about me.

      At Virginia Treatment Center for Children, we know treatment works. We're transforming children's mental health care by defeating the stigma and treating families with compassion, respect and clinical expertise. Our unique approach to care creates a safe place where children and families turn heartbreak into hope.

      Now open: New Virginia Treatment Center for Children

      1308 Sherwood Avenue
      Richmond, VA 23220

      Enter Brook Road Campus via Sherwood Avenue. Building entrance is on Sherwood.

      1 in 5 children will experience a serious mental illness, but 75 percent of them won't get the care they need. VTCC is addressing national issues around mental health.

      From institutional to inspirational

      The new VTCC is an acknowledgement that national issues surrounding children's mental health need to be addressed and CHoR and VCU's Department of Psychiatry is leading the charge.

      The new facility is transformational for children's mental health care, bringing VTCC's services out of a 50-year-old institutional space and into a modern facility with an inspirational design that incorporates natural light, green space and unique safety features important to modern mental health care. Based on research and the unique profile of the pediatric psychiatric patient, the facility design features a soothing aesthetic, warm and bright color palette, and comforting, home-like furnishings.

      We're also doubling space to train future generations of children's mental health providers and conduct innovative research initiatives that will enhance treatment and prevention efforts.

      Services provided

      VTCC provides inpatient and outpatient services for children and adolescents across Virginia. VTCC's clinical expertise ranges from anxiety and mood disorders to depression and mental health needs related to gender and sexuality. In 2016, VTCC cared for nearly 1,000 children requiring inpatient care and saw more than 7,000 outpatient visits. The new facility will enable VTCC to develop new programs and services to better meet the needs of Virginia's children and increase outpatient visits by 300 percent over the next two to three years.

      VTCC serves children from across Virginia, with nearly 50 percent coming from outside Richmond and surrounding counties. With new telemedicine programs, VTCC physicians will extend their reach across Virginia, particularly in rural areas.

      Building features

      VTCC Infographic
      • 32 inpatient rooms with private baths and accommodations for parents to stay with children
      • 20 outpatient exam rooms
      • 119,000 sq. ft.
      • Private inpatient intake and assessment area
      • Therapy mall for occupational, recreational, art, music and play therapy
      • Inpatient K-12 school program
      • Welcoming two-story entry
      • Half-court gym and recreational areas
      • Gardens and green space
      • On-site Children's Mental Health Resource Center and Commonwealth Institute for Child and Family Studies
      • Located on CHoR's Brook Road Campus
      • First LEED-accredited children's behavioral health facility in Virginia

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      Virginia Treatment Center for Children is a hospital inpatient and outpatient facility of the VCU Medical Center.

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