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Celebrating advances in heart care

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Two new heart procedures are combining research, technology and collaboration, and resulting in less-invasive options for patients at CHoR.

Hypoplastic left heart syndrome hybrid procedure

Infants born with a fatal underdevelopment (hypoplastic) of the left side of the heart require surgery in the newborn period. Though outcomes from surgical procedures have improved over the last couple decades, a less invasive approach, called the "hybrid" procedure, is now available. The pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon and pediatric interventional cardiologist work shoulder-to-shoulder in a special catheterization operating room to do the first-stage procedure without the heart-lung machine. It is believed that this procedure will further improve the brain (neurodevelopmental) outcomes long-term.

Transcatheter pulmonary valve therapy

As a result of congenital heart defects, children and adults may need multiple surgeries over the course of their lives. Many people who suffer from leaky or tight pulmonary valves (lung artery valve) require surgical valve replacements on the heart-lung machine. Through a new approach called transcatheter pulmonary valve therapy, a catheter holding a new valve is inserted into a vein, guided up into position and expanded with a balloon. Without opening the chest or using the heart-lung machine, this procedure requires only an overnight stay in the hospital. It can be of great help to adults and children who have had previous surgery to repair or replace a pulmonary valve that was damaged by congenital heart disease.

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