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Enhancing pediatric care for the future

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

We're committed to ensuring that children and families throughout the commonwealth, region and nation can turn to us for excellent pediatric care and a stellar health care experience from conception to young adulthood. We are actively engaged in a strategic implementation process, with teams focusing specifically in the areas of education, research and clinical care.

Strategic planning roadmap

The comprehensive planning and implementation process involves building upon current strengths and identifying areas of opportunity in the changing health care environment by asking the following questions.

Goal area

Future state

Structure and infrastructure

How will our structure and infrastructure be different by 2020 in clinical, research and education domains?


What will improved/increased access to clinical resources, research and education look like in 2020?

Community engagement

What will our engagement with the community around clinical, research and education domains look like in 2020?

Quality and safety

What will improved quality and safety look like in our clinical, research and education domains in 2020?

Success since September 2016

  • Recruitment of a CEO for CHoR
  • Development of a research scholar program
  • Ranking in US News & World Report
  • Recruitment of a vice chair of education
  • Opening of CHoR Pavilion Research Clinic

Strategic goals for the next six months

  • Develop family education videos
  • Expand on existing research database for children
  • Improve access to patient care for community providers
  • Welcome community providers and families into the strategic planning process

Your insight is needed! Our teams are seeking input from stakeholders throughout the community as we plan for the future of pediatric health care in the year 2020 and beyond. If you have input, or would like to join a CHoR strategic implementation team, please contact the steering committee. Click here to send an email.

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