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Children's Hospital Foundation Research Fund - Over $52,000 in Funding for New Grants

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Through the generous support of Children's Hospital Foundation, a new program has been developed to foster early stage research projects at CHoR. The CHF Research Fund is using a similar approach to angel investing in Silicon Valley technology start-ups by providing small grants to a number of investigators with excellent and promising ideas, but who do not yet have the preliminary data and proof of concept required for larger external grants from sponsors like the National Institutes of Health. By, in essence, planting many seeds, it is likely that at least a few will develop to the point where they do garner larger external support. This is a unique program; there are few, if any, clinical departments doing anything similar.

Twenty-three applications were received for the first year of grants, from 13 different divisions and units within CHoR. Funding of $50,000 was available, and after difficult deliberations by the review committee, eight projects were awarded grants.

Bean, Melanie - Healthy Lifestyles Center/Endocrinology: $5,000
Development of a Home-Based Pediatric Obesity Intervention for Low Income Families

Dusing, Stacey - Physical Therapy/Neonatal Medicine: $5,000
Supporting Play, Early Exploration and Development in Infants born preterm (SPEEDI) Feeding and Parent Child Interaction Extension Project

Gupta, Anshu - Endocrinology: $6,210
Role of Receptor of Advanced Glycation End products in Obesity

O'Meara, Alia M. - Critical Care Medicine: $10,000
Development and characterization of a Novel Experimental Model of Pediatric Sedative-Related Neurotoxicity in Juvenile Rats

Rozycki, Henry - Neonatal Medicine: $5,000
Innate Immune Function Differences in Newborn Type I Alveolar Epithelial Cells

Wijesooriya, N. Romesh - General Pediatrics: $7,500
Preventing obesity through early education: Informing mothers about healthy lifestyle practices for their new infants in the primary care setting

Willson, Douglas - Critical Care Medicine: $8,900
Loss of Bacterial Diversity in the Airway Microbiome Predates Ventilator-Associated Infection

Zheng, Shuo - Pulmonary Medicine: $5,000
Genome wide Dnase Hypersensitivity site profiling in different cells

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