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Acute and Intensive Care

At Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU, our goal is to provide family-centered care that helps both your child and your family cope with the stress of being in the hospital.

CHoR's general inpatient units include four units dedicated exclusively to the care of children:

Acute Care Pediatrics

Infant/Toddler 17 beds
Ages 4+ 24 beds

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

All ages 21 beds

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Room Assignments

The pediatric units include both semi-private and private rooms that are assigned on the basis of medical need. While we wish every room could be private, the availability of private rooms is limited, so a child needing a private room for medical reasons will be given top priority.

Spending the Night

Being in the hospital can be frightening for your child and we encourage a parent/guardian to be here as much as possible. One parent/guardian is permitted to stay overnight. Here are some guidelines designed for your child's safety and your comfort:

  • Wash your hands with foam or soap and water when entering and leaving your child's room.
  • We have a flexible visitation policy, but for safety reasons, no one under age 18 may stay in your child's room overnight.
  • A sleep chair or recliner will be provided, and you are responsible for making up the chair. Sleep chairs must be made up during the day.
  • For safety reasons, you are asked not to sleep in your child's bed or have your child sleep in the sleep chair with you.
  • If you stay at the bedside, we encourage you to help care for your child. This may involve things like calming your child and assisting with diaper changes and baths. Our goal is to help normalize the hospital experience for you and your child.
  • Appropriate attire is requested at all times.
  • For safety and infection control reasons, do not visit other patients' bedsides during your child's stay.

Information on additional lodging is available on the Where to Stay page. Please ask your child's nurse for a referral to one of these special lodging options.


These units have an open visitation policy that is based on the medical condition of the patient and visitation is determined by the medical team. The pediatric floor is secured for the safety of our patients. The security system, including electronic surveillance, ensures your child is in a protected and caring environment at all times. A photo ID is required for admittance to the 7th floor. Here are some guidelines for visitors:

  • Family and friends are encouraged to visit. Only four visitors may be at the bedside at one time.
  • Visiting minors must be with an adult at all times.
  • Visitors will not be allowed if they have a cold, fever or any recent exposure to an infectious disease like the flu or chicken pox.
  • Please be aware of other patients' rights to privacy and quiet.

While having family and friends visit is essential, allowing quiet time for a sick child to rest is an important part of the recovery process.

Support Services

We believe in treating the whole child, not just the illness. We provide an array of support services to ease your child's hospital stay. Visit the following links for more information:


Patient meals are served at approximately 8 a.m., noon and 5 p.m. Patient snacks are also provided. Food may be brought from home if allowed on your child's diet. Food may be stored in the patient refrigerator labeled with your child's name, date and time.

The following food options are available for family members:

  • Main Hospital, 1st floor: Chic-Fil-A, Subway and AuBon Pan (AuBon Pan is open around the clock.)
  • Gateway Building, ground floor: Einstein Bagels and Wendy's
  • Snack machines are located in Main Hospital on the 1st and 7th floors.


  • A picture ID is required to visit and discharge patients.
  • Please inform your child's nurse if your child is leaving the room.
  • Children may only go to the rooftop Children's Garden with a staff member or parent/guardian.
  • Neither staff nor family may take a patient off of the floor without a doctor's order.
  • Smoking is not allowed on the rooftop Children's Garden.


The Patient and Visitor deck at 550 N. 12th St. is open 24 hours a day. Parking is $2 per visit with a parking validation available at the information desks on the first floor of Main Hospital, ACC and Nelson Clinic, as well as the ground floor of the Critical Care Hospital and the Gateway Building. Lost parking tickets for the deck will be charged $10 upon exit unless a $2 validation is presented. A weekly parking pass can be purchased at the Main 1 cashier desk for $5. There is no charge for parking from 11 p.m. Friday through 7 a.m. Monday.

Quick Facts

  • Phones: Dial 9 for local calls and dial 8-0 for long distance using a calling card or collect.
  • Television: Contact Child Life to check out DVDs. We have everything from the classics to SpongeBob and new releases.

Resource Phone Numbers

Admissions (804) 828-5649
Billing (804) 828-0088
Child Life (804) 828-3415
Hospital Information (804) 828-9000
Parking (804) 828-1437
Pastoral Care (804) 828-0928
Patient Relations (804) 628-0400
Security (804) 828-1196
Social Work (804) 828-0212

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