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      Children with moderate to severe burn injuries require intensive treatment to minimize infection, scarring and long-term disability. The physicians and staff at the VCU Evans-Haynes Burn Center specialize in caring for injuries from fire, chemicals, scalds, electrical burns and skin loss injuries and diseases.

      The Burn Center is the region's only resource for acute burn care and the reconstructive needs of burn survivors, treating almost 300 patients a year, both children and adults. The 16-bed unit includes 8 intensive care beds.

      Specialized Burn Care

      Burn care includes many phases, from admission to discharge:

      • Acute stage – lasts until resuscitation is complete
      • Operative phase – may include several surgical procedures
      • Intermediate phase – focused on wound healing and increased therapy
      • Rehabilitative phase – includes therapy, scar management treatment
      • Reintegration and reconstruction – includes plastic surgery, therapy and helping patient and family adjust to home and community life.

      Special Services for Children and Families

      Young children who can neither understand nor tolerate the pain that comes with burn care and dressing changes are diverted by the Vecta Distraction Station, a gift of the Richmond Auto Dealers Association. The station stimulates the senses through fiber optic cable lights, a bubble column, projected imagery, soothing vibrations and aromatherapy, combined with music. The child controls the bubble column with a squeeze ball, providing occupational therapy benefits.

      The unit also has a special playroom for children and an area for family members to stay so they can participate in the child's care.

      Burn Camp

      The Central Virginia Burn Camp in Charlottesville provides a fun, safe and exciting summer camp for young burn survivors, designed to meet their social, physical and psychological needs. The free camp is for children ages 7 to 17 and is staffed by firefighters, occupational therapists, nurses and adult burn survivors.

      More Information

      VCU Evans-Haynes Burn Center

      Central Virginia Burn Camp

      Location and Contact

      To contact the Burn Center, call (804) 828-3044.

      Burn Clinic services are located in the Critical Care Hospital, 8th floor, adjacent to the Burn Center.

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