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      Smart Suite

      The Smart Suite is a simulated home environment with technology available to adapt a person's home. The Smart Suite is located at the Brook Road Campus. It provides an accessible kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom setting equipped with an assortment of devices. This enables individuals to test and be trained on equipment that will maximize their ability to perform daily living and leisure activities more independently.

      Smart Suite Use

      Smart Suite services are tailored to the unique developmental concerns of all age ranges:

      • Preschool and elementary school children: snack preparation, bathing options, and accessibility to clothing
      • Middle and high school youth:
        • Promote independence through meal preparation, bathing and dressing aides, and grooming aids
        • Help transitioning to other environments following high school, including college, independent apartment or assisted living facility
      • Young adult/adults:
        • Transfer devices, adapted kitchen, bed and bath equipment
        • Promote independence to live at home or an apartment, or in an assisted living, continuous care or group home setting

      This program is accredited by The Joint Commission as part of an ambulatory survey process.

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