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      Call 804-628-UCAN (8226) to learn more about controlling asthma for an active and healthy life!

      Asthma effects approximately 6.3 million children in the United States. In cities such as Richmond the number of children suffering from asthma is disproportionately higher than in the surrounding areas.

      Our You Can Control Asthma Now Program (UCAN) is stepping in to meet the needs of Richmond children suffering from asthma. With medical care and focused patient education, children are able to gain control of asthma symptoms and live active, healthy lives.

      How does UCAN help families with asthma?

      Patient centered, culturally sensitive, relationship-based medical care:

      • Consistent providers
      • Frequent, regular follow-up
      • Same day sick visits, 24 hour phone access
      • Educational support to promote disease self-management

      Case management to ensure coordination of needed care:

      • Scheduling
      • Transportation
      • Asthma assessment of other family members

      Screening and follow up of social needs:

      • Mental health
      • Food and housing needs
      • Advocacy
      • Referrals for home visits

      Appointments and location

      (804) 628-UCAN (8226)
      Children's Pavilion – Level 4, Pod E

      ›› Meet the Team

      Our team includes doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and a social worker. The entire family receives support to learn about asthma, understand the medication used to control asthma, identify triggers and also to help look at environmental factors that affect health.

      We work with partner agencies to help families evaluate asthma triggers in their homes, advocate for families who are living in substandard apartments or houses, and provide referral services to families in financial or housing crisis.


      UCAN social worker: (804) 628-6067
      UCAN nurse: (804) 628-6120


      Patients enter UCAN primarily by referral from the pulmonology clinic, the emergency room and inpatient hospital stays related to poor asthma control. We also accept referrals from community providers. The first step in receiving services from UCAN is an appointment with a doctor in the pulmonology clinic. A personalized treatment plan will be developed including proper assessment and diagnosis, appropriate medication, education in disease management, environmental evaluation, and support to address family or community barriers to optimal asthma management.

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